At Claires Court, Senior pupils can opt to Sail or Paddle in games lessons, and pupils from Year 5 upwards can join our after school sailing activity during the Summer term. 

We have our own, specific RYA Training Center, with over 25 varied sailing dinghies.

The school sails at Maidenhead Sailing Club which is just a short walk from the Senior Boys site, providing the perfect, safe and progressive location for all students to learn the basics, advance their skills, or even become a champion. 

Students are brought to the lake by the sailing instructors, where our own fleet of boats and equipment are stored. 

The students' who try sailing at Claires Court have a very varied skill range from complete beginner through to those competing at National and International levels. We support all students to progress there ability using our custom designed pathway to create some of the best sailors in the UK. 

CC SAILING - Through the Years Plan.pdf

With opportunities for those who progress through the years, there are many pathways for those who love to race, and those who don't. 

CC Sailing - Sailing Development Program.pdf

Our instructor/coaching team is highly skilled and experienced. The team regularly compete in sailing with some racing coaching and winning at a National and International levels.

Check out more about the instructor team here...

OnBoard is the RYA’s grassroots programme to get young people aged 8-18 into sailing and windsurfing, and nationally, since 2005 has introduced 750,000 young people to sailing. This figure is well on target to hit 1,000,000 soon, and we are proud that in the East Region there are a growing number of OnBoard Clubs. OnBoard underwent an exciting new launch in 2017, drawing on research carried out in collaboration with Professor Bill Lucas from the University of Winchester, emphasising the broader learning benefits of sailing. 

This is what the researchers found…

• OnBoard sessions are enjoyed by almost all participants and engender feelings of fun and freedom

• The sessions contribute to a participant’s wider personal and social development. This included enhancing their social skills with both peers and adults; maturity; ability to accept responsibility and concentrate on tasks

• Participants felt more supported by their peers. They also felt more relaxed and confident in themselves following an OnBoard session

• OnBoard plays an important role in tackling social injustice. It provides unique experiences to those from disadvantaged backgrounds and can help to develop self-confidence and open up further opportunities.

• OnBoard sessions particularly develop the attributes of teamwork, communication and confidence.

OnBoard has been shown to develop six character attributes – these are: