Lockdown Cup Scoring

VR scoring works as follows:

The number of points available for each position depends on the number of participants in the race. In all races, the winner will receive 100 points, but the number of points for each subsequent participant will be a proportion of 100. That proportion is calculated using the number of participants and the reverse rank of the sailor's final position.

(Reverse Rank of Position / Participants ) * 100 = points received

This means that while coming 1st will always secure you 100 points, coming 2nd or 3rd in a race of 17 will get you more points than coming 2nd or 3rd in a race of 5.

If we had 17 sailors, the 1st position would receive 17 17ths of 100 = 100. The 17th position would receive 1 17th of 100 = 

PositionReversed RankProportion%PointsPositionReversed RankProportion%Points