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Wonderfully Wacky Wednesday

posted 25 Oct 2012, 09:05 by FGL@clairescourt.net   [ updated 25 Oct 2012, 09:05 by Paul Robson ]

Wow, what a day it’s been today – the sailing has once again been totally fab, there’s been kayaking, windsurfing and tennis too – the Neilson tag line “relax as hard as you like” is pretty descriptive of the CC gang out here!


One of the groups got an added bonus today – they took an adventure to one of the local beaches where not only did they get the chance to play footie, make a human pyramid and rugby tackle Jack (one of our instructors) to the ground – don’t think he’d quite appreciated some of the boys rugby skills – they also got to look at tourist tat!  Yes there were some delightful market stalls selling everything a youngster could desire – you have been warned!


Tonights open mic night was definitely memorable, Kit, one of our instructors, is also the chief entertainer here and an awesome guitarist/singer. Our very own Ollie M was the first of the guests to take to the mic and brought the house down with his fantastic singing voice – there were LOTS of cheers for him!  A little later saw the “Natettes” (the girls have mainly been taught by Nate this week) with the addition of Miss Lunney and Cameron blast out Journey in a relatively tuneful manner!  The biggest surprise of the evening was the awesome Jake W who impressed us all with American Pie – wow!


Anyway as usual there is so much I could say but  I think it’s the kids who deserve to share their voice….over to them!



Hi all, Charlie and Alice here.


The weather is lovely and the tan lines are forming,

The only issue is we’re late every morning (without fail).

We have to do press ups and the muscles are hench,

You have no idea how much we bench.

We’ve been sitting in the sand listening to the Turkish band.

Belly dancers galore- the boy’s faces were beaming,

Our room is a state- thank god the maids have been cleaning.

There’s been no capsizing (yet) our confidence is rising,

Turkey is amazing and the sun is blazing.




Hi mum and dad and alex,

PLEASE don’t send another message like the last one it was so embarrassing .

Last night we all did open sing night but its okay I didn’t sing anything…on my own!!!

Hows life at home? And all is good here.  Emma xoxo <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3



Hi mum and dad,

We watched some Turkish dancing and at the end there was a bellydancer who looked like a vampire. Then we had a karaoke night. The weather is now nice in the morning and rainy in the evening. Hope its not toooo rainy at home :) Alastair   



Hi its William.  Weathers a lot better now, hope it stays this way, still not much wind. Mite go into town today with some mates (and the teachers!), Dave wants to buy a fez. I lost 1 flip flop last night so now there just flops, ill try and find some in town!!!!

In the morning we had the sun, the wind and a tennis racket. We were playing tennis doubles on the tennis courts at the top of the hill. Its exercise to get up there and can barely play until I get my breath back. I won the first two matches of doubles and then suffered an injury, the skin on my right toe pealed of and you couldn’t see my toe. So I got a plaster and got back into the game, and I still won both games after so I am the tennis champion.

After lunch I went spinnaker sailing and it was fast, scary and fun. Note to self don’t go in a boat with Hamish when I’m with Zac… mostly because we sing. Adam


Hiyaaaaaaaaa mummy and family,  Well Yesterday was a very extravagant and Memorable day, we did sailing in the laser and then we went to a beach and the market where we bought presents, and then in the evening we did karaoke and me and everyone in year 9 had to go up and sing. After that Me and Ben watched Saving Private Ryan as he somehow tuned the T.V to English ( just to add we watched Belly Dancer the day before ;) ). Mum I love you to the moon and back one trillion times and thinking about you all the time love you loads and hope your having fun with-out me <3 <3 <3.  Your beloved son Cameron. S xoxo


Hi mum, dad, Emily and Laura. Nice to speak again just wanted to say I hope dad is done thinking about the bb gun. But the main reason is that I miss you all lots, I miss Darby dinner times and dads sense of humour.  We did karaoke and I sang yes I sang! Missing you all and the cats Ben.D coming home soon be ready.