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Truncated Tuesday!

posted 23 Oct 2012, 08:44 by FGL@clairescourt.net   [ updated 23 Oct 2012, 08:44 by Paul Robson ]

The kayaking group this morning will always remember watching Megan (aka Miss Powell) demonstrate how not to paddle between two rocks…George G really enjoyed being in the same boat as her! Going through sidewise, then capsizing, was clearly all part of the plan…..?!!!!

It seems that the weather isn’t always going to be on our side!  Whilst the wind did start to pick up ever so slightly this morning – enough for some demonstration “driftsurfing” (windsurfing without real wind!) – the thunder, lightning and heavy drizzle returned closing the beach for the afternoon. Never to be stopped in our tracks the awesome Neilson gang organised for half the group to watch the epic windsurfing film whilst those of us of a more adventurous nature took to the tennis courts for some Murray style action! Yellow T Shirt boy (aka James H) proved himself very handy with a racquet winning the entire game of bobsleigh single handed - a pretty impressive feat! Cameron played a good game, using his body as a bat wasn’t entirely the aim of the game, but it showed dedication to the cause! The game of racquets brought a little controversy – there really were some shots that were being called out when they were surely in!!

The entire gang hit the pool this afternoon – both Edd and Miss Lunney were sitting innocently on their sunbeds when out of nowhere they were pounced on, held aloft and unceremoniously dumped in the pool by at least 20 of the delightful CC gang….the water was not warm….hmmph! Chris followed a little later, and Megan just jumped! Having been successful with their own staff everyone decided that the instructors were fair game – poor Kit (our chief instructor and the Teos entertainer – btw we’re looking forward to his singing tomorrow night) was flung in by the braver boys!  Lets just say that some of them ended up being ducked a few times before the game of waterpolo even got started! Ollie M and Callum S definitely need to be congratulated for the number of times they successfully managed to dunk poor Edd!

Emma and Hattie have proudly worn the "Turk of the Day" high vis jacket today - amazingly they haven't lost their room key once!

Right, enough staff prattle….once again over to the kids!


To Mum, Dad and Alex its pete, having great time in the sun sailing, windsurfing and playing volleyball. Hopefully the weather isn’t too bad back home, and not missing me to much! A few thunderstorms today, and yesterday but generally nice and hot. See you soon, lots of love, Pete.

Heeeyy mum,dad,alex. Its great here! Weather was good today , well it was better then last night. Put all of me and hatties wet clothes on the balcony then this morning it was all wet due to rain! Hope all is good at home , how are my kats(kitten cats)?? Ttyl – Emma<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Hi it’s William. Weathers good apart from some storms today and yesterday. How is the move going? Just sitting watching the others playing football and volleyball. All the sports good. Food good as well, but a very odd shed. P.S tell Lee I haven’t been eaten by a shark yet!!!!   Xxx

Hi mum and dad, Weathers good . I have lost my voice! Charlie

Hi mum and dad, Today was not very good weather wise but we had fun anyway, haven’t tipped a catamaran yet!!! Alastair

Hi mum dad,  I am having a great time and still not got in trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope everything is very good at home see you soon. Lewis

 Hi everyone all is well in paradise at the moment apart from the lack of wind! However spent the morning swimming on a windsurf board watching Megan and Gossy get stuck between rocks and refer to Mr Nash as Parker while he towed them everywhere. Still beats maths though! (Matt H.)

Hi  mum and dad , Hello having  fun here in Turkey missing you lots. James hirst.