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Totally TERRIFIC Thursday

posted 25 Oct 2012, 23:23 by FGL@clairescourt.net   [ updated 25 Oct 2012, 23:23 by Paul Robson ]

As I write to you this evening I am watching your children raft off into the sunset….seriously!  They have just worked as two teams (great collaboration skills – yes the CC essentials are at work even on holidays) to build two rafts out of kayaks, windsurf boards, windsurf masts and rope. Each team has then loaded 20 kids and 3 members of Neilson staff onto their raft and paddled out into the bay – the sunset that is illuminating them is magical, their singing of the theme tune to the Pirates of the Caribbean isn’t quite so poetic though! The victorious groups rendition of “We are the Champions “ is thankfully something to enjoy – for once they actually know most of the words (unlike our group effort singing Ce Lo Green’s “Forget You” last night!!)

It’s been another epic day in the Med and once again we’ve managed to include a little cultural expedition for some of them – we are definitely making the most of our Asian adventure! Six intrepid boys explored the old town and castle area of Sigacik enjoying looking at the outside of the mosque and the ruins of the castle walls that were built in the 1500’s (that’s well old!)

On the water there’s been some impressive team racing – yes they’ve been practising those all-important starts that Ben Ainslie likes to demonstrate so aptly (vital for tomorrow’s end of week competitions!) Whilst a few more had their first taster of windsurfing, a little bit more wind would have made it slightly more successful but all achieved standing up, moving and tacking!  The sixth form had an interesting tennis session – apparently the least said about the game they played there the better! Megan has tried to teach a number of them some new tricks….sup’ing being one…the pictures of her pontoon diving are also legendary!

And it’s over to the kids….

Weather is nice here in turkey and we have been doing lots of sailing and kayaking as well as some raft building as it was cancelled yesterday. Having BBQ today at dinner today.  Lyall Mould  

Hello I have officially paddled at least 1 hour and a half today because I was swimming to the far pontoon only to be told when I was nearly there that it was too dangerous. I have also got a job here as I help at the dive centre. Jli Moore   

Hello mum,dad,jess,alex, Hello I am having a lot of fun thanks for the message. Today we did sailing and wind surfing ,we went in a dart 16 , fun and very fast.  Missing you lots.  James Hirst

Hi mum and dad, Sorry I haven’t typed to you on the blog , though I am having fun in Turkey. My favourite activity is wind surfing although I got very wet so you have…….A LOT OF WASHING! And I’m sorry about that but I am missing you lot’s and thanks for the messages you sent me. Lots of love Jake W J

Only 1 message? Can I get the bigger serving when I get home?  Piers J M

Sorry I wasn’t in my room to pick up the phone miss you. Kerem B J

Past few days the afternoon winds has been strong so good opportunities to get the high performance boats out and do some serious blasting. On the downer weather could be a bit warmer as it got a little chilli yesterday. Today should be good - racing the rest of the group in a regatta. Cheers guys speak later. Love gosssy