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No Fear...we are here!

posted 22 Oct 2012, 09:23 by FGL@clairescourt.net   [ updated 22 Oct 2012, 09:23 by Paul Robson ]
Hi Folks...sorry for the delay in posting... a few technical issues due to Turkey and google sites not being very compatible, but IT geeks have helped us and we're beating the system!

So, lets update you!  Saturday was indeed a LOOOONG day!  Most of us didn't get to bed much before midnight (Turkish time!)  It was exciting though!  For Miss Lunney getting to turn left as she stepped onto the aeroplane was incredibly exciting....(although the seats weren't any different....Thomas Cook airlines after all!) It was also very exciting to get our dinner in fully compostable packaging, meals that were even specially designed by him what presents Saturday Kitchen (James Martin?!)!!!

Our first proper day, yesterday, was action packed. Hauling some of the tired bodies out of bed and getting them to meeting points at the appropriate times proved a little tricky, but we just about succeeded! Sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding were all tried out yesterday.  Charlie Stay proved her balance skills during the upside down kayak challenge whilst most of the year 8 and 9's felt that it was important to point out all the impressive features of coastal erosion they saw to Miss Lunney.....currying favour possibly??

The quiz in the evening, which the teachers team did very well in, unfortunately had a music round that was so current that even the youthful Miss Powell was unable to fully master - resulting in the sixth form and year 11's beating the teachers by 1 mark.....will we ever live it down?!

The dinner bell is about to go, so I'll sign off now...just to say that your messages went down really well last night....do please keep sending them in, I've spotted a good few already for this evening!!!