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Monday Madness

posted 23 Oct 2012, 00:57 by FGL@clairescourt.net   [ updated 23 Oct 2012, 00:57 by Paul Robson ]

Well, today has definitely seen some interesting weather….awesome sunbathing blue skies and warm sunshine throughout the day followed by an incredible thunderstorm with lightening and monsoon style rainfall in the evening just as everyone was out and about on site taking part in a little orienteering! The flooding in the bar definitely added to the atmosphere! Cameron S should be congratulated on being the first to manage to push Miss Lunney in the pool – well he actually just dragged her in with him! Diving skills have been aptly demonstrated by many (Zac’s back flip was pretty good) as have aqua aerobics….possibly the funniest thing you could ever watch – lots of mal-coordinated sailors flapping around in a pool! The Neilson staff have been very impressed with the kids sailing skills,but then so have the CC staffs!!

Anyway enough of us…time for the kids to share their opinions – sorry for the spelling, some of them are missing their English lessons!!


Hello! (Will. T)

Group 6 was slightly more successful than yesterday, most importantly by getting most to do handstands on the trapeze wire without drowning/head-butting the boat with Ollie asking for directions for everything and anything he did! He even asked at one point to unhook him from the wire whilst he was stuck upside down with his headwater below water! (Matt H.)

Hi having a good time in turkey in our spare time we went windsurfing and paddle boarding and just chilled in the pool but overall its great so yeah (Zac.S)

Sailing in laser’s was pretty much fun, capsizing in one is just the same except the side digs in to certain places… Ouch! Its deep and God knows what lay’s beneath there, thank God I don’t know. (Adam M)

Hi Mum and family, having a fantastic time in turkey it’s so much fun! Today was the most fun day because we got to do what we like, like paddle boarding, kayaking, and sailing of course. I’m missing you so much and can’t wait to come home and hug you lots of love.  (Cameron.S)

Hi Dad, Mum, Emily and Laura really love this place it’s awesome. I miss you all so much can’t wait to hug all of you. You are probably having a rave with champagne because I’m gone well not for long. See you soon. (Ben.D)

Good day today very windy, nearly died and that is not from the sailing!!!!!!! Sailing with chris was a laugh hahahaha. Must admit Edd has done well with the trip location but then anything was an improvement from Wales lol. The staff seem friendly and some of the female ones can be a bit of a distraction from the sailing ;). Shame that some of the other staff from school couldn’t  join us (Gossy(DI)

Hi Mum, happy birthday and sorry I forgot your 21st birthday card ;) Hope you liked the present we all bought you and I hope you enjoyed your meal with the old fart. Enjoying every minute especially with Charlie and I would like to say our room is just as tidy as home. Save some Chinese for me. (Alice)

Turkey is amazeballs, bet your well jel! ;) love and miss you all (not enough to want to come home though :P) hope you’re having a good half term and missing me like mad. Seeeeyaaaa. Love, (Charlie Stay)

Sailing in Teos with the legendary staff of the school and everyone else is brilliant. The resort is great with everything we need on site. We have the chance to sail a range of boats including Dart 16s , Lasers , picos,  sb3s and others. As well as sailing we get the opportunity to do a range of other activities including  canoeing, windsurfing, paddle boarding and swimming. So far everyone has been sailing at least twice with activities in both the mornings and afternoons making use of all the facilities. With very friendly staff and beautiful weather (apart from a brief but brutal thunderstorm) we have all had a great time so far and are looking forward to what we’re going to be doing for the rest of the week. Adam B


I’m the only person allowed to wear a mankini on the beach life is good (err…no he’s not, ed!), went for a late night swim got a good telling off ;) from the staff here (pool is closed after 8…who knew that you should read signs!!). But on the bright side of things the weather is good bar the rain and everyone getting WET !!!!!  The sailing is good and I’m missing Paul more than my mum ;)  (Jack)


Hi mum ,dad. All good here amazing weather and yes mum I am not missing you. Charlie xxx


Heeyy mumma, and dad ,.(not alex)

Yes im good thanks for asking. Weather is on and off, did orienteering in torrential rain  and thunder and lighting, who would of guessed it in Turkey!?!?

Hope all is well at home, tell alex that I don’t miss him one ickle bit and I hope he’s enjoying being an only child(not for long tho!) Emma xox


Hi mum and dad, having a great time the sailing is really fun the weather has been really god except for tonight when there was a like tropical storm with lightning and thunder. Hope everything is good at home. Lewisxx


Hi mum and dad, the weathers amazing apart from a little bit of rain, the sailing is great with huge waves. The foods great ;).oh and I haven’t tipped a cater.  Alasdair