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For-real it’s Final Friday!

posted 27 Oct 2012, 12:05 by FGL@clairescourt.net   [ updated 27 Oct 2012, 12:05 by Paul Robson ]

It’s almost impossible to believe that today was our last day of sunshine, the week has flown by so fast and it’s been full of so much variety and adventure – I wonder if anyone would notice if a few of us just didn’t come home?!!!

Thank you so much for all your fantastic messages, they’ve really enlivened our evenings and made lots of children squirm/smile/laugh! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading our news from the kids and staff.

Today has been a total blinder – the morning regatta was pretty interesting (lack of wind tested our sailing skills) then the tennis tournament this avo was hilarious….great skills demonstrated by all! Our massive group trip into town for souvenirs and sightseeing this evening was a little on the hectic side – many taxis were involved – but great fun!

Anyway the party has started – currently all your lovely offspring are dancing away in the disco that has been set up for them and the other kids here – and tommorrows day of travel looms so it’s time for us to sign out and pass….

Over to the kids….

It was the best sailing experience I have been on for some time and im very happy with the choice to go on the trip. Piers Jonckers M

Hi mum,dad,jess, Today the race in the morning wasn’t very good as there wasn’t much wind but in the afternoon went out on a cat with matt and Charlie, there it was really windy. I hope everyone at home is well and I am really looking forward to seeing everyone again.  Lewis

Hello Mum and Dad, I have had a great day today sailing and going into town. We had a sailing regatta today and half way through I switched boats from a SB3 to a pico. I was saling by myself. Q oli moore

Hello Mum and Dad ,I am very excited about seeing you tomorrow I have got you both a gift and I won’t spoil the surprise! YES MUM I WON’T! Lots of love JAKE J

Hey everyone, Turkey has been brilliant and I can’t believe that for once I haven’t burnt but have tanned!! (And I’m more tanned than Charlie – mwahaha) :O So annoyed I will come back from blazing sunshine to what we have been told, wet and soggy England -_- Oh well..guess I have to come home eventually! See you soon (from Alice your lovely, amazing and hugely talented daughterJ)

I’ve had a brilliant day today it’s been so busy

Awards Given by the Neilson Staff

Girl Power for being brave enough to try radial Laser sailing, improving their press up skill – Charlie W and Alice

Windsurfing KeennessCharlie Pritchard & Jack Ward

Mr Enthusiastic – Ollie Moore

Sailing Ninja – Ollie Gould

Future Neilson Instructor – George G & Joe

Regatta Winners – The only crew to complete the WHOLE course…SP3  Jack W, Adam M, Kerem B, George G, Calum S