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Here you will find a report of our ongoing activities across the week

Message from Neilson

posted 27 Oct 2012, 12:05 by FGL@clairescourt.net   [ updated 27 Oct 2012, 12:05 by Paul Robson ]


We have been the instructors for all the kids this week and can honestly say we have had an AMAZING time!! From sailing at the beginning of the week in a force 5 to the force 0 of the final regatta we literally haven’t wasted a moment of our time on the water.

 A few of us went on a kayak expedition to a haunted, ruined resort a few bay’s away and had the best afternoon - especially when we were re – called back to the beach due to thunder and lightening!!

We also had an epic raft building session where groups 1, 3 and 6 were the victorious winners bringing Jack, Ogi and Poz back dry as a bone and raft still intact!!

We would like to thank all of you for being such polite, fun and generally AWESOME guys for the week!!




For-real it’s Final Friday!

posted 27 Oct 2012, 12:05 by FGL@clairescourt.net   [ updated 27 Oct 2012, 12:05 by Paul Robson ]

It’s almost impossible to believe that today was our last day of sunshine, the week has flown by so fast and it’s been full of so much variety and adventure – I wonder if anyone would notice if a few of us just didn’t come home?!!!

Thank you so much for all your fantastic messages, they’ve really enlivened our evenings and made lots of children squirm/smile/laugh! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading our news from the kids and staff.

Today has been a total blinder – the morning regatta was pretty interesting (lack of wind tested our sailing skills) then the tennis tournament this avo was hilarious….great skills demonstrated by all! Our massive group trip into town for souvenirs and sightseeing this evening was a little on the hectic side – many taxis were involved – but great fun!

Anyway the party has started – currently all your lovely offspring are dancing away in the disco that has been set up for them and the other kids here – and tommorrows day of travel looms so it’s time for us to sign out and pass….

Over to the kids….

It was the best sailing experience I have been on for some time and im very happy with the choice to go on the trip. Piers Jonckers M

Hi mum,dad,jess, Today the race in the morning wasn’t very good as there wasn’t much wind but in the afternoon went out on a cat with matt and Charlie, there it was really windy. I hope everyone at home is well and I am really looking forward to seeing everyone again.  Lewis

Hello Mum and Dad, I have had a great day today sailing and going into town. We had a sailing regatta today and half way through I switched boats from a SB3 to a pico. I was saling by myself. Q oli moore

Hello Mum and Dad ,I am very excited about seeing you tomorrow I have got you both a gift and I won’t spoil the surprise! YES MUM I WON’T! Lots of love JAKE J

Hey everyone, Turkey has been brilliant and I can’t believe that for once I haven’t burnt but have tanned!! (And I’m more tanned than Charlie – mwahaha) :O So annoyed I will come back from blazing sunshine to what we have been told, wet and soggy England -_- Oh well..guess I have to come home eventually! See you soon (from Alice your lovely, amazing and hugely talented daughterJ)

I’ve had a brilliant day today it’s been so busy

Awards Given by the Neilson Staff

Girl Power for being brave enough to try radial Laser sailing, improving their press up skill – Charlie W and Alice

Windsurfing KeennessCharlie Pritchard & Jack Ward

Mr Enthusiastic – Ollie Moore

Sailing Ninja – Ollie Gould

Future Neilson Instructor – George G & Joe

Regatta Winners – The only crew to complete the WHOLE course…SP3  Jack W, Adam M, Kerem B, George G, Calum S


Orange nail alert...

posted 26 Oct 2012, 09:24 by FGL@clairescourt.net   [ updated 26 Oct 2012, 09:24 by Paul Robson ]

There seems to have been an attack of nail colouring this holiday...orange seems to be the preferred colour, matching with Neilson...be warned!  BTW it's not the girls!!

Totally TERRIFIC Thursday

posted 25 Oct 2012, 23:23 by FGL@clairescourt.net   [ updated 25 Oct 2012, 23:23 by Paul Robson ]

As I write to you this evening I am watching your children raft off into the sunset….seriously!  They have just worked as two teams (great collaboration skills – yes the CC essentials are at work even on holidays) to build two rafts out of kayaks, windsurf boards, windsurf masts and rope. Each team has then loaded 20 kids and 3 members of Neilson staff onto their raft and paddled out into the bay – the sunset that is illuminating them is magical, their singing of the theme tune to the Pirates of the Caribbean isn’t quite so poetic though! The victorious groups rendition of “We are the Champions “ is thankfully something to enjoy – for once they actually know most of the words (unlike our group effort singing Ce Lo Green’s “Forget You” last night!!)

It’s been another epic day in the Med and once again we’ve managed to include a little cultural expedition for some of them – we are definitely making the most of our Asian adventure! Six intrepid boys explored the old town and castle area of Sigacik enjoying looking at the outside of the mosque and the ruins of the castle walls that were built in the 1500’s (that’s well old!)

On the water there’s been some impressive team racing – yes they’ve been practising those all-important starts that Ben Ainslie likes to demonstrate so aptly (vital for tomorrow’s end of week competitions!) Whilst a few more had their first taster of windsurfing, a little bit more wind would have made it slightly more successful but all achieved standing up, moving and tacking!  The sixth form had an interesting tennis session – apparently the least said about the game they played there the better! Megan has tried to teach a number of them some new tricks….sup’ing being one…the pictures of her pontoon diving are also legendary!

And it’s over to the kids….

Weather is nice here in turkey and we have been doing lots of sailing and kayaking as well as some raft building as it was cancelled yesterday. Having BBQ today at dinner today.  Lyall Mould  

Hello I have officially paddled at least 1 hour and a half today because I was swimming to the far pontoon only to be told when I was nearly there that it was too dangerous. I have also got a job here as I help at the dive centre. Jli Moore   

Hello mum,dad,jess,alex, Hello I am having a lot of fun thanks for the message. Today we did sailing and wind surfing ,we went in a dart 16 , fun and very fast.  Missing you lots.  James Hirst

Hi mum and dad, Sorry I haven’t typed to you on the blog , though I am having fun in Turkey. My favourite activity is wind surfing although I got very wet so you have…….A LOT OF WASHING! And I’m sorry about that but I am missing you lot’s and thanks for the messages you sent me. Lots of love Jake W J

Only 1 message? Can I get the bigger serving when I get home?  Piers J M

Sorry I wasn’t in my room to pick up the phone miss you. Kerem B J

Past few days the afternoon winds has been strong so good opportunities to get the high performance boats out and do some serious blasting. On the downer weather could be a bit warmer as it got a little chilli yesterday. Today should be good - racing the rest of the group in a regatta. Cheers guys speak later. Love gosssy 

Photos, messages etc

posted 25 Oct 2012, 09:15 by FGL@clairescourt.net   [ updated 25 Oct 2012, 09:15 by Paul Robson ]

Hi All

Just to say we've taken literally hundreds of pics but it seems to take us an hour to upload 30 so we're just adding snippets - there's far too much sailing, windsurfing and eating to do to sit around all day and watch the laptop chug away!

Your messages are fantastic - it's not only us and the kids who are loving them but also the Turkish waiting staff - they love to come and listen of an evening!

Don't worry all your little darlings seem very happy, food wise there is so much choice - from gorgeous salads and turkish dishes to pasta, chips and bread!  They're being tired out during the day and entertained well at night with great variety! The only complaints seem to be that they keep losing their room keys!

All the staff hope you're enjoying your peace and quiet...make the most of it!

Wonderfully Wacky Wednesday

posted 25 Oct 2012, 09:05 by FGL@clairescourt.net   [ updated 25 Oct 2012, 09:05 by Paul Robson ]

Wow, what a day it’s been today – the sailing has once again been totally fab, there’s been kayaking, windsurfing and tennis too – the Neilson tag line “relax as hard as you like” is pretty descriptive of the CC gang out here!


One of the groups got an added bonus today – they took an adventure to one of the local beaches where not only did they get the chance to play footie, make a human pyramid and rugby tackle Jack (one of our instructors) to the ground – don’t think he’d quite appreciated some of the boys rugby skills – they also got to look at tourist tat!  Yes there were some delightful market stalls selling everything a youngster could desire – you have been warned!


Tonights open mic night was definitely memorable, Kit, one of our instructors, is also the chief entertainer here and an awesome guitarist/singer. Our very own Ollie M was the first of the guests to take to the mic and brought the house down with his fantastic singing voice – there were LOTS of cheers for him!  A little later saw the “Natettes” (the girls have mainly been taught by Nate this week) with the addition of Miss Lunney and Cameron blast out Journey in a relatively tuneful manner!  The biggest surprise of the evening was the awesome Jake W who impressed us all with American Pie – wow!


Anyway as usual there is so much I could say but  I think it’s the kids who deserve to share their voice….over to them!



Hi all, Charlie and Alice here.


The weather is lovely and the tan lines are forming,

The only issue is we’re late every morning (without fail).

We have to do press ups and the muscles are hench,

You have no idea how much we bench.

We’ve been sitting in the sand listening to the Turkish band.

Belly dancers galore- the boy’s faces were beaming,

Our room is a state- thank god the maids have been cleaning.

There’s been no capsizing (yet) our confidence is rising,

Turkey is amazing and the sun is blazing.




Hi mum and dad and alex,

PLEASE don’t send another message like the last one it was so embarrassing .

Last night we all did open sing night but its okay I didn’t sing anything…on my own!!!

Hows life at home? And all is good here.  Emma xoxo <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3



Hi mum and dad,

We watched some Turkish dancing and at the end there was a bellydancer who looked like a vampire. Then we had a karaoke night. The weather is now nice in the morning and rainy in the evening. Hope its not toooo rainy at home :) Alastair   



Hi its William.  Weathers a lot better now, hope it stays this way, still not much wind. Mite go into town today with some mates (and the teachers!), Dave wants to buy a fez. I lost 1 flip flop last night so now there just flops, ill try and find some in town!!!!

In the morning we had the sun, the wind and a tennis racket. We were playing tennis doubles on the tennis courts at the top of the hill. Its exercise to get up there and can barely play until I get my breath back. I won the first two matches of doubles and then suffered an injury, the skin on my right toe pealed of and you couldn’t see my toe. So I got a plaster and got back into the game, and I still won both games after so I am the tennis champion.

After lunch I went spinnaker sailing and it was fast, scary and fun. Note to self don’t go in a boat with Hamish when I’m with Zac… mostly because we sing. Adam


Hiyaaaaaaaaa mummy and family,  Well Yesterday was a very extravagant and Memorable day, we did sailing in the laser and then we went to a beach and the market where we bought presents, and then in the evening we did karaoke and me and everyone in year 9 had to go up and sing. After that Me and Ben watched Saving Private Ryan as he somehow tuned the T.V to English ( just to add we watched Belly Dancer the day before ;) ). Mum I love you to the moon and back one trillion times and thinking about you all the time love you loads and hope your having fun with-out me <3 <3 <3.  Your beloved son Cameron. S xoxo


Hi mum, dad, Emily and Laura. Nice to speak again just wanted to say I hope dad is done thinking about the bb gun. But the main reason is that I miss you all lots, I miss Darby dinner times and dads sense of humour.  We did karaoke and I sang yes I sang! Missing you all and the cats Ben.D coming home soon be ready.


Shaking your bootie Turkish style!

posted 24 Oct 2012, 08:56 by FGL@clairescourt.net   [ updated 24 Oct 2012, 08:56 by Paul Robson ]

Tuesday night was Turkish dancing night, and in true CC style, when they were looking for audience participation, there wasn't a shortage of young sailors keen to get involved! You'll have to ask the kids about it, they got to see more than us (they hogged the front row!) but take it from me it was impressive - the guys that jump around on their knees made the older ones amongst us wince a little (can't believe they continue doing that much beyond their twenties!) whilst the belly dancer with tassels was a highlight for many! The conga line seemed to encompass the entire bar at one stage! 

Truncated Tuesday!

posted 23 Oct 2012, 08:44 by FGL@clairescourt.net   [ updated 23 Oct 2012, 08:44 by Paul Robson ]

The kayaking group this morning will always remember watching Megan (aka Miss Powell) demonstrate how not to paddle between two rocks…George G really enjoyed being in the same boat as her! Going through sidewise, then capsizing, was clearly all part of the plan…..?!!!!

It seems that the weather isn’t always going to be on our side!  Whilst the wind did start to pick up ever so slightly this morning – enough for some demonstration “driftsurfing” (windsurfing without real wind!) – the thunder, lightning and heavy drizzle returned closing the beach for the afternoon. Never to be stopped in our tracks the awesome Neilson gang organised for half the group to watch the epic windsurfing film whilst those of us of a more adventurous nature took to the tennis courts for some Murray style action! Yellow T Shirt boy (aka James H) proved himself very handy with a racquet winning the entire game of bobsleigh single handed - a pretty impressive feat! Cameron played a good game, using his body as a bat wasn’t entirely the aim of the game, but it showed dedication to the cause! The game of racquets brought a little controversy – there really were some shots that were being called out when they were surely in!!

The entire gang hit the pool this afternoon – both Edd and Miss Lunney were sitting innocently on their sunbeds when out of nowhere they were pounced on, held aloft and unceremoniously dumped in the pool by at least 20 of the delightful CC gang….the water was not warm….hmmph! Chris followed a little later, and Megan just jumped! Having been successful with their own staff everyone decided that the instructors were fair game – poor Kit (our chief instructor and the Teos entertainer – btw we’re looking forward to his singing tomorrow night) was flung in by the braver boys!  Lets just say that some of them ended up being ducked a few times before the game of waterpolo even got started! Ollie M and Callum S definitely need to be congratulated for the number of times they successfully managed to dunk poor Edd!

Emma and Hattie have proudly worn the "Turk of the Day" high vis jacket today - amazingly they haven't lost their room key once!

Right, enough staff prattle….once again over to the kids!


To Mum, Dad and Alex its pete, having great time in the sun sailing, windsurfing and playing volleyball. Hopefully the weather isn’t too bad back home, and not missing me to much! A few thunderstorms today, and yesterday but generally nice and hot. See you soon, lots of love, Pete.

Heeeyy mum,dad,alex. Its great here! Weather was good today , well it was better then last night. Put all of me and hatties wet clothes on the balcony then this morning it was all wet due to rain! Hope all is good at home , how are my kats(kitten cats)?? Ttyl – Emma<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Hi it’s William. Weathers good apart from some storms today and yesterday. How is the move going? Just sitting watching the others playing football and volleyball. All the sports good. Food good as well, but a very odd shed. P.S tell Lee I haven’t been eaten by a shark yet!!!!   Xxx

Hi mum and dad, Weathers good . I have lost my voice! Charlie

Hi mum and dad, Today was not very good weather wise but we had fun anyway, haven’t tipped a catamaran yet!!! Alastair

Hi mum dad,  I am having a great time and still not got in trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope everything is very good at home see you soon. Lewis

 Hi everyone all is well in paradise at the moment apart from the lack of wind! However spent the morning swimming on a windsurf board watching Megan and Gossy get stuck between rocks and refer to Mr Nash as Parker while he towed them everywhere. Still beats maths though! (Matt H.)

Hi  mum and dad , Hello having  fun here in Turkey missing you lots. James hirst.

Tuesdays travels

posted 23 Oct 2012, 01:05 by FGL@clairescourt.net   [ updated 23 Oct 2012, 01:05 by Paul Robson ]

After the thunder, lightening and rain storms of last night we've woken to a slightly cooler day (warm but not really tanning conditions!).... the wind's having a rest too! So most of the group have gone off Kayaking, playing tennis or paddle boarding! A few adventurous sorts decided to accompany Miss Lunney on a quick trip into the local town - they thought it would just be a visit to the shop for snack purchases.....they hadn't quite clicked that Geography teachers never rest on their laurels though!  During the walk through the little fishing harbour we saw the morning bartering at the fish market,  plenty of tiny fishing boats sorting out their nets having offloaded their catch a few hours previously, Turkish people enjoying their morning coffees and of course a minaret up close and not forgetting the old castle....a little bit of culture is good for the soul!


Monday Madness

posted 23 Oct 2012, 00:57 by FGL@clairescourt.net   [ updated 23 Oct 2012, 00:57 by Paul Robson ]

Well, today has definitely seen some interesting weather….awesome sunbathing blue skies and warm sunshine throughout the day followed by an incredible thunderstorm with lightening and monsoon style rainfall in the evening just as everyone was out and about on site taking part in a little orienteering! The flooding in the bar definitely added to the atmosphere! Cameron S should be congratulated on being the first to manage to push Miss Lunney in the pool – well he actually just dragged her in with him! Diving skills have been aptly demonstrated by many (Zac’s back flip was pretty good) as have aqua aerobics….possibly the funniest thing you could ever watch – lots of mal-coordinated sailors flapping around in a pool! The Neilson staff have been very impressed with the kids sailing skills,but then so have the CC staffs!!

Anyway enough of us…time for the kids to share their opinions – sorry for the spelling, some of them are missing their English lessons!!


Hello! (Will. T)

Group 6 was slightly more successful than yesterday, most importantly by getting most to do handstands on the trapeze wire without drowning/head-butting the boat with Ollie asking for directions for everything and anything he did! He even asked at one point to unhook him from the wire whilst he was stuck upside down with his headwater below water! (Matt H.)

Hi having a good time in turkey in our spare time we went windsurfing and paddle boarding and just chilled in the pool but overall its great so yeah (Zac.S)

Sailing in laser’s was pretty much fun, capsizing in one is just the same except the side digs in to certain places… Ouch! Its deep and God knows what lay’s beneath there, thank God I don’t know. (Adam M)

Hi Mum and family, having a fantastic time in turkey it’s so much fun! Today was the most fun day because we got to do what we like, like paddle boarding, kayaking, and sailing of course. I’m missing you so much and can’t wait to come home and hug you lots of love.  (Cameron.S)

Hi Dad, Mum, Emily and Laura really love this place it’s awesome. I miss you all so much can’t wait to hug all of you. You are probably having a rave with champagne because I’m gone well not for long. See you soon. (Ben.D)

Good day today very windy, nearly died and that is not from the sailing!!!!!!! Sailing with chris was a laugh hahahaha. Must admit Edd has done well with the trip location but then anything was an improvement from Wales lol. The staff seem friendly and some of the female ones can be a bit of a distraction from the sailing ;). Shame that some of the other staff from school couldn’t  join us (Gossy(DI)

Hi Mum, happy birthday and sorry I forgot your 21st birthday card ;) Hope you liked the present we all bought you and I hope you enjoyed your meal with the old fart. Enjoying every minute especially with Charlie and I would like to say our room is just as tidy as home. Save some Chinese for me. (Alice)

Turkey is amazeballs, bet your well jel! ;) love and miss you all (not enough to want to come home though :P) hope you’re having a good half term and missing me like mad. Seeeeyaaaa. Love, (Charlie Stay)

Sailing in Teos with the legendary staff of the school and everyone else is brilliant. The resort is great with everything we need on site. We have the chance to sail a range of boats including Dart 16s , Lasers , picos,  sb3s and others. As well as sailing we get the opportunity to do a range of other activities including  canoeing, windsurfing, paddle boarding and swimming. So far everyone has been sailing at least twice with activities in both the mornings and afternoons making use of all the facilities. With very friendly staff and beautiful weather (apart from a brief but brutal thunderstorm) we have all had a great time so far and are looking forward to what we’re going to be doing for the rest of the week. Adam B


I’m the only person allowed to wear a mankini on the beach life is good (err…no he’s not, ed!), went for a late night swim got a good telling off ;) from the staff here (pool is closed after 8…who knew that you should read signs!!). But on the bright side of things the weather is good bar the rain and everyone getting WET !!!!!  The sailing is good and I’m missing Paul more than my mum ;)  (Jack)


Hi mum ,dad. All good here amazing weather and yes mum I am not missing you. Charlie xxx


Heeyy mumma, and dad ,.(not alex)

Yes im good thanks for asking. Weather is on and off, did orienteering in torrential rain  and thunder and lighting, who would of guessed it in Turkey!?!?

Hope all is well at home, tell alex that I don’t miss him one ickle bit and I hope he’s enjoying being an only child(not for long tho!) Emma xox


Hi mum and dad, having a great time the sailing is really fun the weather has been really god except for tonight when there was a like tropical storm with lightning and thunder. Hope everything is good at home. Lewisxx


Hi mum and dad, the weathers amazing apart from a little bit of rain, the sailing is great with huge waves. The foods great ;).oh and I haven’t tipped a cater.  Alasdair  

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