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10 Sept 14

Welcome Back to All
Term has started and the summer has returned giving us glorious sunny days but very little wind.  With these conditions we would like to remind everyone that hats and suntan lotion is a must to stop your children burning.

Letters & Communications
Whilst all students have been reminded, if they have forgotten, the reply slips from the term letters are now due back and must be completed each term.  The letter if you can't find it is on our website at www.outdooreducation.clairescourt.net/home/sailing  Here you will also find a new section called Notices where copies of all information sent out will be stored incase you accidently delete the e-mail or think that you may have been missed off our list.
For those that are asked to join the sailing team, event information can be found and if you ask your child to login then contact details for all those attending can be seen so that lift shares can be organised.

Sailing t-shirts and hoodies suitable for wearing on the water can be purchased direct from Goyles of Maidenhead and come customised with your name or initials.  We would like to see all those competing at events to arrive wearing our kit.
We are currently putting together an order for custom rash vests which will be emblazoned with our logo throughout as part of the design.  Those students who are interested should speak to Sammy IJ for more information.
Whilst the weather at the moment is suitable for shorts and t-shirts it could very quickly turn to winter and so please ensure that your child has a wetsuit or drysuit which fits ready.  For those only attending evening activities a 3mm thickness is fine for the autumn, for those sailing through the winter we advise 5mm on the trunk of the body.

Upcoming Events
Our events calendar can be found on our website here https://sites.google.com/a/clairescourt.net/ccoe/home/events-calendar which allows you to plan ahead.
Please remember that if selected for a team at an event you are expected to represent the school and only in exceptional circumstances will you be allowed to miss a fixture.  We aim to give as much notice as possible of teams, however we are sometimes delayed by the event organisers.
Bart's Bash - Those sailors in year 9 and above who are competent and race within lessons are invited to compete in this world record attempt on Sunday 21 September at Maidenhead SC. For more information please contact Keith Meekings krm@clairescourt.net and take a look at www.bartsbash.co.uk.  Those wishing to attend must speak to Mr Meekings by Wednesday 17 September to book their space.
BSDRA Midlands Championships - Saturday 27 September.  We are awaiting confirmation of the event format, but based on previous years we expect the teams to be as follows:
Firefly Red - Sammy IJ, Zac Sanders, Will Davies, Adam Mitchell, Alex Raeburn-James, Jonathon Matthews
Firefly Green - Matt Davies, Peter Bradley, Charlotte Hole, Josh Phillips, Lucas Ould, James McPhee
Reserves, James Weidenbaum, Alex Atherton, Freddie Churchill
NSSA Single Handed Team Racing - Saturday 4 & Sunday 5 October
Red - Sammy IJ, Zac Sanders, Peter Bradley
Green - Matt Davies, Will Davies, Adam Mitchell
Yellow - Charlotte Hole, Laura Batten, Liz McCubbin 
Reserves James Weidenbaum, Alex Raeburn-James, Izzy Wheeler, Lilly McCormack
RYA ET National Team Racing Championships - Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 October
Team to follow soon
Claires Court Single Handed Team Racing - Saturday 8 November
Teams to follow soon

We look forwards to a successful year of sailing,

The Claires Court Sailing Staff