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Sailing Colours

This page is a Roll of Honour of those who have been awarded colours by the school for their achievements and commitment in sailing.  Unlike other colours awarded by the school, sailing colours are only awarded once during the student's time at the school and as such marks a significant achievement for the individual.
The awarding policy can be found here

 Full Colours

Jonny Payne  [December 2019]
Sam Walton  [July 2019]
Anna Lerski  [December 2018]
Seb Sweetman  [July 2018]
Joseph Havers  [July 2017]
James McPhee  [March 2017]
James Weidenbaum  Alex Raeburn-James  [July 2016]
Matthew Davies  Peter Bradley  [July 2015]
William Davies  [December 2014]
Charlotte Hole  [June 2013]
Sam Clark  Jack War Sammy Isaacs-Johnson
Oliver Gould  Charlie Pritchar George Goss
[June 2012]
  Half Colours

Georgina Hellmuth  [December 2019]

Katie Rathbone  Alistair Jesseman  Jonathan Redfern  [July 2019]
Jonny Payne  [December 2018]
Adam Freeman-Shor  Sam Walton  [July 2018]
Izzy Saunders  [July 2017]
Seb Sweetman  [March 2017]
James McPhee  Joseph Havers  [July 2016]
Daniel D'Souza  Jonathan Matthews  Jonathan Otun
Lucas Ould  James Weidenbaum   [July 2015]
Adam Fairley  Alex Raeburn-James  [June 2014]
Matthew Davies  William Davies Peter Bradley  [December 2013]
Adam Mitchell  Zac Sanders  Matthew Hill
June 2013
Charlotte Hole  Patrick Donovan
June 2012
 Merit Award

Elicia Mercer  [July 2019]
Isabel Saunders  [July 2016]
Alexi Murphy 
for personal achievement in Windsurfing at a National level  [June 2013]
Ben Rodman
For competing at the RS Feva World Championships  [June 2012]
James Melling  [June 2012]
Matt Hill
RS Feva squad - Individual performance 
[June 2012]
Joe Reeve
RS Feva squad - Individual performance
June 2012