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Coaching Exercises

Here is a resource with a few coaching exercises based around team racing which can either be run by sailors or their coaches.
Click on each picture to see it full screen animated.

1. Starting
With 3 boats, the primary aim is to be on the line at Go, all spaced evenly. Once this is achieved then the next step is to use each sailor to protect or block the committee boat and then progress along the line allowing their team mate to take their position.

2. Piggy on the top Reach
Boats feed in at Mark 1 in a close Follow-The-Leader. The aim of the second boat is to round Mark 2 first. The aim of the other 2 boats is to ensure that the second boat rounds last.

3. Mark 1 Piggy & Traps
Boats start to leeward and left of Mark 1 in a Follow-The-Leader. The first boat must either enter the zone clear ahead or with the second boat overlapped to leeward. The second boat will aim to luff and force the first boat into tacking. The last boat should try to sneak inside at the mark where she has no rights.

4. Mark 2-3 Piggy
Boats start with a Follow-The-Leader along the top reach. Standard tactics says that the first protects the right (looking upwind) and the third sails the shortest distance. This exercise can be split into 2 parts i) the run where the first boat aims to luff the second boat on starboard tack; ii) Mark 3 where the first boat aims to slow and hold out the second boat without leaving the zone.