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Sailing Training Camp

posted 27 Apr 2016, 01:15 by Caroline Payne
At the end of the Easter break, 22 sailors spent 2 days training on the 2012 olympic waters, with abilities ranging from novice through to top racers.  
Day 1 presented the group with strong winds and a question of if they would even be allowed on the water, however everyone made it out and returned much to the surprise of the local centre.
Day 2 with a moderate breeze allowed the sailors to work on their racing skills ready for the summer term's regattas. During lunch the group were visited by Kate McGregor who competed in 2012 and spoke to the students about how she got started in sailing and racing.
After a fantastic 2 days on the water we hope that our teams are ready for the tough season ahead.

This camp will be run again at the end of the summer holiday.