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Expedition Dates 2015

More information will follow shortly on how you can book your group in to one of these dates.  If you feel that you would like to go on expedition on any of these dates, then please speak to Mr Robson or Mr Jenvey.

When selecting your dates please be aware of the following expedition deadlines, if any of these deadlines are missed then you will lose your expedition date.
  • All elements of expedition training must have been completed (First Aid, Risk and Health and Safety Issues, Navigation and Route Planning, Map Skills, Compass Skills, Campcraft Equipment and Hygiene, Food and Cooking, Countryside Code, Observation Recording and Presentations, Team Building)
  • For Bronze & Silver Practice Expeditions, It is the responsibility of the group to submit the required paperwork 8 weeks before their date of leaving and any corrections 4 weeks before the date.  If these deadlines are not met then the group will not be able to undertake their practice expedition.
  • For those who are planning Final Assessed (Bronze, Silver, Gold) or Gold Practice expeditions the required paperwork must be submitted 12 weeks ahead and corrections 8 weeks ahead of the departure date.

Bronze Expedition dates - you need 2 days...for a practice, you may start on Friday lunchtime, for assessment you must start on a Saturday morning to allow enough time.

Find available dates here.